Core Value

“Our growth is in growth of our customers.”

Khyati Sales firmly believes that customers’ growth should be the prime concern. We put our customers at the heart of the business which means that every procedure, process and system keeps the customer in mind.

Thus using our “MADE FOR CUSTOMERS” products, customers can achieve sustainable growth which is nothing but our own growth.


“Developing ergonomic and esthetic products.”

Ergonomic means the design characteristics of an object resulting especially from the application of the science of ergonomics and the science of ergonomics is nothing but an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely.

Khyati sales believes in developing the acoustic products by considering the emerging requirements from the beginner to expert level users. By developing ergonomic and esthetic products, we try to satisfy customer’s need and requirements for better experience.


“Satisfaction of customer is prime concern.”

Khyati Sales is one of the companies which is manufacturing stationery products like calligraphy writing instruments, art accessories, drawing instruments, school and office stationery and paper products like visiting cards, etc.

We provide satisfactory products to our customers. We believe that satisfaction of customers is important rather than the benefits. Our prime concern is to satisfy our customers. From Super Stockists to Distributors to dealers to Actual user of product.


“Success with Truthfulness”

Khyati Sales is the leading company in India which is manufacturing stationery products like Drawing Instruments, Paper products and many more.

Our accomplishment of purpose is to satisfy the customers with truthfulness. We believe in the fact of being realistic or true to life and realism. We also believe that the true success is only if truthfulness is present in success.